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Connie Nafziger shared this 2022 ministry update with us. Thanks, Connie!


CHLOE, Inc., a ministry founded by Sanctuary’s Connie Nafziger, supports young moms, ages 13-21 and their children. Housed by Whitehall Church of the Nazarene for the past 4 years, Sanctuary became the ministry’s new home as of Nov. 1, 2022. 

Connie shared…

Transitions and deadlines are not easy, but in this case, Divine intervention is obvious... a welcoming space was available even before we were aware of the need to move.

In December, a month after our move, we hosted our twice-a-month Young Mom Connections gatherings Dec. 6 and 18. The meeting on the 6th included dinner, childcare, and gift making for our young moms, followed by shopping in Kairo's Closet.

On the 18th, we had our annual Christmas Party. Following dinner and party activities, our young moms shopped at Kairo's Closet, where they each were gifted with a $40 gift card to the Closet to help them purchase more for the holiday. They also all received a gift provided by Friends of CHLOE, our financial and material goods network. We are grateful for Sanctuary opening its doors to us and providing us a new home!”

Connie and her team are grateful to the Sanctuary Framily for opening the doors, and they're excited for what's ahead in 2023.