Communitas Reflections

Communitas Reflections are testimonies and reflections from members of Sanctuary Columbus Church. This is a space where you can receive encouragement and revelation for your daily life.

Dr. Korie Edwards

Dr. Korie Edwards reminds us that at a time where we are under a shelter in place order, we s should also look to shelter in presence.

Micah Morgan

Micah Morgan reminds us that with COVID-19 the space between us has changed but not all of the change is bad.

Lydia Prenger

Lydia Prenger reminds us to be mindful of how we spend our days.

Linn & Darlene Kong

Linn & Darlene Kong remind us that transformation is determined by how we are positioned in this season.

Keith Turner, Jr

Keith Turner, Jr reminds us that who we wait with is just as important as how we wait.

Bryan Weakley

Mandy Pierce

Mandy Pierce reminds us that God's faithfulness can be shown in any situation.

Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon details her journey while Rethinking Incarceration.